The Berlengas islands

Travel to Portugal

Between 2 sessions of WING, we take the sea, immediate boarding towards the archipelago of Berlangas!

Just in front of Peniche, 10km by boat, is an incredibly well preserved island: the island of Berlangas. You will find turquoise water worthy of the Bahamas, a preserved nature, a colony of gulls and a lighthouse at the end of the world.

The crossing takes between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the sea conditions. We chose the “normal boats” version. We were around 20 people, all outside. The crossing can be stormy, we advise you against it in case of strong seasickness.

Fast boats are also proposed by the companies. They are double engine zodiacs. They provide the k-ways, the crossing is very wet but will suit the most daring

Little tip : take the seats on the right side of the boat, you will have a view on the cliffs of Peniche.”

Once there, hiking trails will allow you to survey the island. They are well laid out and the island is small. A 3,8km trail will allow you to discover all the points of interest of the island.

Be sure to stay on the marked paths so as not to damage the protected areas. The island of Berlangas is a natural reserve!

Points d’intérêt de l’île :

  • The port / fishing village :

This is the place where you drop off the boat and pick it up to return. The island is a fishermen’s island, with a few houses overlooking the harbor. It is also here that you will find the only place to eat on the island, a small café overlooking the pier.

Little tip : Remember to bring your picnic, you can eat it in much wilder and more isolated places.

  • Carreiro do Mosteiro beach :

This is the only beach on the island. It is very close to the pier. The water is emerald. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

  • Fortress of Sao Joao Baptista:
The descent is a bit steep. Bring good shoes. The crystalline waters surrounding this fort are splendid. It is possible to swim there but there is no beach.  
  • The lighthouse :

The lighthouse is not accessible but the trail borders it.


The companies propose in addition to the crossing, the visit of the caves. For this you have to pay an additional ten euros. The visit is done on board of a small boat with glass bottom.

The departure is from the fort. The trip takes about 20 minutes and allows you to access the caves around the fort. This allows you to see the island in a different way. Little tip : The boat brings you back to the port, so you don’t have to go up from the fort. Considering the difficulty of the ascent, it is not negligible.  

Visite des grottes de l’île

Where to sleep?

It is possible to sleep on the island:
  • At the camping of the island; The camping of Berlengas. (Reservation at the tourist office of Peniche)
  • In the fort; about twenty rooms are available as well as a common kitchen. (Reservations should be made with the Association of Friends of Berlengas)

Practical information :

Boats leave from Peniche marina every day. Parking is available on site. Several companies offer their services for the crossing:
  • Feeling Berlenga
  • Berlengatur
  • Viamar
  • Berlenga Experience
  • Odisseia Viva 
A round trip by boat will cost you about 20€ (depending on the company and the season). Reservation recommended !

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