Our lessons

At WINGISCHOOL we offer courses from 7 to 77 years old. Can you swim more than 50m without ending up in the emergency room? Do you still remember the last time you did sports? Then it’s OK, apart from that there are no special requirements.Our main objective ? To give you the key to the doors of autonomy. To achieve this ultimate goal, at WINGISCHOOL We have set up a teaching method that is as close as possible to your abilities, based on 3 levels from beginner to quasi-expert and a test course. Our team moves at your pace to learn and above all have fun !

Level 1 - it's THE pack! "FROM ZERO TO HERO"

Are you a total beginner, with no knowledge about water sports?

Come as you are and at the end of the day, water sports should hold no secrets for you. We are here to help you to fly on your own and heve fun asap… (Allow 3 or 4 days).


Come on, just a little more effort to feel like a fish in the water. You want to validate some skills or you are a champion in another riding discipline.

All right ! we will test your skills at the beginning of your course in order to progress at your own pace and open the doors to paradise. (Allow 2 or 3 days).

Level 3 - Pack "THE PERFECT" ou "epic journey"

OK  ! You already practice, you dream of flying like Aladdin on his magic carpet, but for the moment it’s more like Flipper the dolphin…

Here we make you autonomous, we learn new tricks or we measure ourselves against the waves. (Allow 1 or 2 days)

So choose your discipline and your programme and we’ll take care of the rest !

Wing Foil

Wing and Foil are a perfect match for discovering a new way of riding and new sensations. Between flying and surfing, this sport has everything to charm the greatest number of people. Come and discover the Wing Foil at WINGISCHOOL !

Rates : 

  • Solo (1 pers. 1 prof) from 60€ per hour
  • Duo (2 pers. 1prof) from 33€ per hour


Board on feet, a large inflatable kite connected by lines to a control bar and there we go, all you have to do is get pulled along by the wind. Don’t hesitate, come and discover Kitesurfing at WINGISCHOOL !


  • Solo (1 pers. 1 prof) from 40€ per hour
  • Duo (2 pers. 1prof) from 35€ per hour