The school

Our values

Feeling free, going to places you never thought you could go and getting off the beaten track. Kitesurfing and Wing Foil are more than just a sport. They are your passport to the whole world. By expanding your horizons and travelling around the world to sail, you will finally feel free as a bird…

Opening this Kitesurfing and Wing Foil school in the magical place of Lagoa d’Obidos was for me the best way to share my way of life through the teaching of these two totally addictive disciplines. This school was born from the marriage of my two passions with which I have evolved over the last 15 years, travel and kitesurfing.

With this in mind, we decided to create WINGISCHOOL as a team of passionate professionals; our instructors are all IKO graduates and perfectly polyglot, motivated and professional. They will certainly help you to make the most of your stay in Portugal in an idyllic and preserved setting.

Infos spot

The Lagoa of Obidos, its constant winds and calm waters as a perfect alchemy

More often seen as the true « Mecca » of surfing in Europe. This sunny part of the Portuguese coastline is also sprinkled during the summer months by northerly winds and a thermal wind that are sure to provide you consistently excellent conditions for both kitesurfing and Wing Foil !

NO doubt, The world class riding conditions found along the west coast of Portugal is one of the best kept secrets for kitesurfing and boarding in general. But let’s face it, it’s not the Caribbean either ! But don’t panic, with a water temperature of around 20°, a small wetsuit and you’re all set.

Description of our spots and conditions

The Lagoa d’Obidos offers beginners and experts a perfect stretch of water, with constant thermal winds and calm waters protected from the swell. On the other side of the estuary, behind the wonderful sand dune, lies a treasure trove. Perfect waves for strapless surfers !

So if, like us, you have trouble making a choice, we advise you to go to Foz do Arelho to inflate your sail and take out your kiteboard or your foil!

Our team

Instructeur Kitesurf à la Lagoa d'Obidos au Portugal


Instructor and creator of WINGISCHOOL

Welcome on bord !

OK some people search a whole life… I searched for a long time and I finally found it! …

… My haven of peace, my little corner of paradise, not only a world class spot, wonderful on many levels… But I simply fell in love with the gentle way of life of this country and its warm and welcoming people.

So I naturally decided to settle down and create WINGISCHOOL and what better place to continue what has been my life for the past 20 years, that is to say, to transmit throughout the world this passion for board sports that drives me.

Today it is here on my “HOME SPOT” that I welcome you! So see you soon, the Team and I are waiting for you on the water.

Instructeur sur un kitesurf

Louis known as "le flamand"


I started kiting before I could even read, in Belgium, it naturally became my reason for living, when my family decided to move to Brazil. (to stop sailing in a waterproof wetsuit).

From then, I spent 6 months a year there where I learned and started teaching kiteboarding, with the aim of avoiding grey sky and northern sea, always looking for new spots. I was surprised to discover this beautiful place on the Portuguese coast.

I met Cyril, the founder of WINGISCHOOL, who proposed me to go on a way together in order to continue to link my job and my passion, kitesurfing.

Together and with the support of the whole team, we will combine teaching, enthusiasm and safety. I hope to see you soon on the water…