The activities

Wing Foil and Kitesurf equipment rental

You got it, it’s for confirmed riders who like to travel with their hands in their pockets. You don’t need to be called Kai Leny or Roby Naish to rent gear from WINGISCHOOL. We will check your level together at the beginning of the session to make sure you are « Up Wind ».

The rental includes all the equipment and the neoprene wetsuit.


  • The Kitesurf from 60€ the 3 hours
  • The wing foil from 50€ per hour
Une fille sur un Segway pendant une visite de Segway

Segway rides

Riding a segway on the pontoons and paths around the lagoon is the best way to discover a unique place. This is our alternative solution when the whole group is not practising or waiting for the wind to pick up !


RENTAL : 15€ / PERS. (max 5 pers.)
DUO RIDE : 25€ / PERS. (2 pers.)
GROUP RIDE : 20€ / PERS. (max 4 pers.)

The Wing Skate

There is nothing better to learn the feeling of the Wing in complete safety. This will allow you to apprehend the wind and the feeling of sliding, all this out of the water. We practice on the spot at low tide.

SOLO: 50€

DUO: 40€/PERS. (2 pers.)

TRIO: 30€/PERS. (3 pers.)